Good Magnet

Every one of us can alter the course of things

Most often, when men are to be blamed for these catastrophes, our sadness does not mainly come from the seriousness of the situation in question but rather from the cruelty some human beings show to their fellow human beings, animals and nature. Furthermore, we often feel powerless and come to the conclusion that there is nothing we can do to make things change.

But this is not true because we all – you too – have the power to create a better world even if your income is not high, if you live a humble life, and if you are not a president or a billionaire. Everybody can alter the course of things at their own level through their deeds, thoughts and fair, right and constructive words.

Making the world a better place is not a matter of money, luck or power… but of good will. Great men, who started from nothing, did great things when they adopted this state of mind. Even if their living conditions were – at the start – humble, their lives have been examples of humility, kindness and non-violence.

Avoid losing time and empty words that do not follow a positive direction. Under any circumstances, you should try to use the formidable power of positive thoughts to influence the world in a constructive manner.

You will naturally help those around you and you will help yourself by creating positive vibrations. These will draw to you everything you long for in every area, whether it concerns money, love, luck or the fulfilment of all your wishes. Good attracts Good like a magnet. 


Being a Path-Finder!

To find your own path, you need to keep moving forward.

Nothing is predetermined in life. It’s futile to try and conform to a model of behavior, to be like someone you know and admire. Because when it comes down to it, what do you really know about them?

The image you have of someone rarely corresponds to their reality.

It’s good to listen to the advice people give you, but always remember to apply it in your own way, leaving your own mark.

A choice is offered to you at each crossroads you come to. You must make a decision, even if it’s only to hesitate.

Above all, you need to be self-confident, move forward, and find or create your own path in life.

Create your own road

Be Master of your Time

Time is an important factor that has to be managed properly to make progress. Good time-management is an essential element for attaining your goals and being successful.

As the saying goes, time wasted is time lost.

Controlling Time

Try to be conscious of the fact that each minute that passes only occurs once. When it’s over, you lose one more opportunity to achieve your objectives.

After setting clear goals for yourself, the second thing to do is set up a system for managing your time, according to what you want to achieve.

Every minute of your life should be devoted to some useful occupation. That doesn’t mean your schedule has to be constraining, or overburden you with too many things to do. When that happens you get discouraged, and you could give-up too soon.

Creative time-management is something all successful people know how to do.

Divide your time between work – occupations designed to help you make progress in getting what you want in your professional life – and leisure activities that help you relax, and get rid of some of the stress you accumulate on your quest for success.

Devote two thirds of your time to your projects, and one third to leisure. That will balance your use of time perfectly, and enable you to move forward more quickly towards attaining the life of your dreams.

You can’t do anything about the way time passes, but you can organize it so it suits your purposes. That’s how you can become the master of your own time.

Last Minute

If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done


One-day Someday!
I would manage you someday…
Someday when I have time to figure out what comes first my name or my dreams…

~ Dedicated to all someday’s..


To succeed in life, you have to cultivate contentment, and keep building on who you are and what you have. Only then can you lead the life you want. Being content doesn’t mean being resigned. It means appreciating the life you have now, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Everyone is given a certain potential for success, and certain unique qualities, at birth. Life consists of discovering and developing them to the fullest. The first thing you need to do is appreciate your own existence. Of course, it’s not always easy, and there are obstacles you’ll need to overcome.
Suffering is a state-of-mind. Thinking that one day your life will be perfect and you’ll have no more problems will only add to your suffering, because it’s impossible not to have problems, whereas happiness comes from knowing how to solve them. One way of attaining true happiness, which has nothing to do with dreaming about a life without problems, is to practice contentment.

You shouldn’t wait for the end of your life to consider its value, but do it here and now, each and every day.


what is NOTHING?

Time doesn’t wait for you or me, Days pass & years change, you miss ur loved ones, You move away from your close ones, your life changes, Friends change, People change but your heart has those precious moments engraved in it whether you want it or not. They are always there, making you happy at sad times & sad at happy times. You think about those happy days then smile & when somebody asks the reason for your smile, You just say.. “NOTHNG”


The mind can never break off from the journey. The voyage never ends on Monday, a new one starts every Friday