Your five fingers

Five fingers of your hand what actually it has its own importance.If your one finger may cut or during driving it may injured it recovers it takes time likewise five points in life first finger is your perception(approach) towards task second middle finger is your efforts towards task or gathering information needed for that task or to be educate ,aware to do task,third finger is your willingness ,your hope , when you realized that’s very tough stage you decide that into parts and fourth finger is to stop others who demotivate you to do task ,last not but least your thumb fifth finger is your gear your speed or speed up your brain or your understanding level to the point where nobody can receive such signals they needed antenna like antenna of yourself like your behavior,your nature,your sincere efforts ,how you run your shoes towards your dream.when these all fingers together simple life never tease you.somebody says when you point one finger towards anyone rest fingers on your side but what exactly you give importance to which finger and for what that you should rest author plan always worked and they can reach their thoughts/views by writing with pointing finger.your pencil can write one sentence but it reads thousands of people .sometimes a single thought can work out anything may be any big Just think about yourself and focus ,life itself truely motivated if our pointing finger-approach is right direction and perpendicular with your understanding level.that’s set!!


Be Master of your Time

Time is an important factor that has to be managed properly to make progress. Good time-management is an essential element for attaining your goals and being successful.

As the saying goes, time wasted is time lost.

Controlling Time

Try to be conscious of the fact that each minute that passes only occurs once. When it’s over, you lose one more opportunity to achieve your objectives.

After setting clear goals for yourself, the second thing to do is set up a system for managing your time, according to what you want to achieve.

Every minute of your life should be devoted to some useful occupation. That doesn’t mean your schedule has to be constraining, or overburden you with too many things to do. When that happens you get discouraged, and you could give-up too soon.

Creative time-management is something all successful people know how to do.

Divide your time between work – occupations designed to help you make progress in getting what you want in your professional life – and leisure activities that help you relax, and get rid of some of the stress you accumulate on your quest for success.

Devote two thirds of your time to your projects, and one third to leisure. That will balance your use of time perfectly, and enable you to move forward more quickly towards attaining the life of your dreams.

You can’t do anything about the way time passes, but you can organize it so it suits your purposes. That’s how you can become the master of your own time.

Last Minute

If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done


Time means nothing. You’ve got to get it right, until it looks like it does in your mind.