A Bridge in Life

According to newtons law opposite poles attract each other and same pole repel each other likewise which things we don’t want in life which are exactly against to mindset and expectations then a bridge is created  between expectation and mindset.and in this bridge our expectations lags behind ,suffering starts..what we are living really we want to live this lifestyle? everything happening accordingly what is already written for our future and present of need .Things in life are like characters on stage plays their role.Change  in  entire future life is learning and optimism .Being serious and  just listening  you seniors as to change on that thing is not in our hand.To make change and to understand the change in life and bring positive behind every task is necessity.

The whole universe chease to achieve money and just to complete desires,and its need to fullfill the lifestyle.But what’s this bridge then……sometimes somewhere we want to achieve  one thing thats only wish ..just example if you want strawberry basket it is not available in nearby shop you run towards other where it gets . likewise you run towards goal like fruit and efforts is that way running towards shop where you get stawberry then may  that way is complex like fuzzy logic you cannot draw set and subset of your wishesh being awareness ,sincerity and logic behind your need and your thoughts turned into action thats the hope.The bridge between you and your hope or desire make you supeiror through your experiences .

To complete any thing it may your dream ,your willingness,awareness ,thinking power ,your efforts can complete bridge,it name simplies conjunction between two points.train can run move fast on bridge than when it passes through tunnel same when there is no focus or spotlight on what you achieve there will no lifegame possible

Hope makes life Meaningful…



It is said that laughing is part of Man and that it is essential to lead a successful life. Admittedly, everyone likes to laugh, have fun, and party but laughing can also turn into mockery.

Can we laugh about anything?

This is a question that is often asked: “can we laugh about anything?” And the answer is both yes and no.

We can laugh about anything since there is no limit to laughing and since everything can make us laugh or just smile.

The only limit is simple: when laughing becomes synonymous with demeaning, ridiculing, hurting, humiliating people… it goes beyond its very own limits.

Once these limits are set, limits that should be obvious furthermore, it is up to you to decide whether you can laugh at yourself and, therefore, do some self-analysis.

It is indeed easy to make fun of others but it is also a kind way of emphasizing something they should change in the way they talk or act. Everyone can do that.

Laugh at yourself

The hardest part is to laugh at yourself! This is not easy but so gratifying! I would even say that it is a sign of wisdom and humility.

Laughing at yourself is a way of not taking yourself seriously and looking on the bright side of life. This does not mean that you should make fun of your shortcomings but that you should put life and events into perspective, without thinking the world revolves around you.

Also, laughing at yourself consists in analyzing what is happening in a casual – not grave – way and making the most of this experience whether good or bad comes from it.

Laughing at yourself enables you to play down the significance of some situations and avoid attaching too much importance to things that are not significant so you can attach importance to those that really matter!

Good Magnet

Every one of us can alter the course of things

Most often, when men are to be blamed for these catastrophes, our sadness does not mainly come from the seriousness of the situation in question but rather from the cruelty some human beings show to their fellow human beings, animals and nature. Furthermore, we often feel powerless and come to the conclusion that there is nothing we can do to make things change.

But this is not true because we all – you too – have the power to create a better world even if your income is not high, if you live a humble life, and if you are not a president or a billionaire. Everybody can alter the course of things at their own level through their deeds, thoughts and fair, right and constructive words.

Making the world a better place is not a matter of money, luck or power… but of good will. Great men, who started from nothing, did great things when they adopted this state of mind. Even if their living conditions were – at the start – humble, their lives have been examples of humility, kindness and non-violence.

Avoid losing time and empty words that do not follow a positive direction. Under any circumstances, you should try to use the formidable power of positive thoughts to influence the world in a constructive manner.

You will naturally help those around you and you will help yourself by creating positive vibrations. These will draw to you everything you long for in every area, whether it concerns money, love, luck or the fulfilment of all your wishes. Good attracts Good like a magnet. 

Mind Fuzz


The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.

Preserving Inocence

innocentThe key is in continually finding wonder in life’s daily miracles, the first of which is that you’re alive at all, given everything that could happen to you. Your life is your most precious gift.

Every breath you take is a miracle! So it shouldn’t be too difficult to reawaken the innocence of your youth, when you marveled at everything around you. If you can preserve at least some of your innocence, you keep the flame of hope burning inside you, encouraging you to attain your goals.

See wonder in all the manifestations of life on Earth, human, animal, plants, and even minerals, all of which make up the complex fabric of existence. Of course, you can also wonder at the vastness of the Universe, and its distant, but visible, galaxies and constellations.

You’ll always find something to marvel at in a sunrise or sunset, in a delicate flower, a beautiful landscape, a running stream. Almost anything can be a pretext for wonder.

And as a bonus, preserving your innocence generates positive energy in, and around you.

Thoughts with deepest desire

wings of desire

Just like your body needs nourishment to function, your mind needs to receive energy that enables it to find fulfillment, and continue working for your success and happiness. If you nourish your mind, you’re sure to succeed.

To nourish your mind properly, you need to form thoughts that express your deepest desires every day.

Do that, and those desires will, in turn, generate positive energy that is transmitted to the supreme vibration, creator of the universe.

Regularly emitting positive thoughts will gradually change your state-of-mind, and make you much more likely to accomplish your heartfelt desires.

Thoughts transmitted to the supreme vibration inevitably end up materializing in your life.

During the process be patient, and never get upset with the supreme vibration when things don’t happen as quickly as you hope.

Your deepest desires will always materialize if you act appropriately. It’s just a question of time. The supreme vibration adheres to cosmic laws that know exactly what you need, and when.

Nourish your thoughts every day with your most heartfelt and sincere desires, and what you want will surely come to pass, probably at the moment you’re least expecting it!

Being Normal

Be normal, and the crowd will accept you.

Be deranged, and they will make you their leader.