It is said that laughing is part of Man and that it is essential to lead a successful life. Admittedly, everyone likes to laugh, have fun, and party but laughing can also turn into mockery.

Can we laugh about anything?

This is a question that is often asked: “can we laugh about anything?” And the answer is both yes and no.

We can laugh about anything since there is no limit to laughing and since everything can make us laugh or just smile.

The only limit is simple: when laughing becomes synonymous with demeaning, ridiculing, hurting, humiliating people… it goes beyond its very own limits.

Once these limits are set, limits that should be obvious furthermore, it is up to you to decide whether you can laugh at yourself and, therefore, do some self-analysis.

It is indeed easy to make fun of others but it is also a kind way of emphasizing something they should change in the way they talk or act. Everyone can do that.

Laugh at yourself

The hardest part is to laugh at yourself! This is not easy but so gratifying! I would even say that it is a sign of wisdom and humility.

Laughing at yourself is a way of not taking yourself seriously and looking on the bright side of life. This does not mean that you should make fun of your shortcomings but that you should put life and events into perspective, without thinking the world revolves around you.

Also, laughing at yourself consists in analyzing what is happening in a casual – not grave – way and making the most of this experience whether good or bad comes from it.

Laughing at yourself enables you to play down the significance of some situations and avoid attaching too much importance to things that are not significant so you can attach importance to those that really matter!


I-M-Possible (contd.)

Anybody can aim for the impossible! Indeed, if you set limits to your  projects, desires, dreams, you’ll end up living an unfulfilling life.

It is important to have projects, desires and dreams that are unlimited in space and time because you never know what your limits are. You can only know them if you always try to surpass yourself. You should not make routine your own because it never leads anywhere.

Routine generates a false feeling of safety and curbs your desire to take risks. Taking risks does not necessarily mean uselessly putting yourself in jeopardy. The small victories you accumulate will reinforce your willpower and gradually lead to other and greater victories.

A victory – no matter how small it is – is always derived from positive actions that enable you to test and surpass our own limits. Therefore, you must have high ambitions but take measured risks.

You need to act methodically with humility, composure, and patience.

Humility serves to stay aware of your possibilities in a given moment and set reasonable and progressive steps – even if you have set high goals for yourself – so as to be sure to complete the plan – whether it concerns a project or a more humble goal.

Composure enables you to control your emotions and feelings so you do not let your negative emotions – which only lead you to lose control and lead you astray – get the better of you. Therefore, you must keep your composure under any circumstances because doing so always pays off and is constructive in life.

You need to act methodically according to a plan you set for yourself and stick to it. If you are going too slow, speed up a bit or give yourself more time. This leads us to the last virtue…

Patience is indispensable in any transformation process because we know when we start a project but never know when our goal is going to be reached. Patience is vital.


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Good Magnet

Every one of us can alter the course of things

Most often, when men are to be blamed for these catastrophes, our sadness does not mainly come from the seriousness of the situation in question but rather from the cruelty some human beings show to their fellow human beings, animals and nature. Furthermore, we often feel powerless and come to the conclusion that there is nothing we can do to make things change.

But this is not true because we all – you too – have the power to create a better world even if your income is not high, if you live a humble life, and if you are not a president or a billionaire. Everybody can alter the course of things at their own level through their deeds, thoughts and fair, right and constructive words.

Making the world a better place is not a matter of money, luck or power… but of good will. Great men, who started from nothing, did great things when they adopted this state of mind. Even if their living conditions were – at the start – humble, their lives have been examples of humility, kindness and non-violence.

Avoid losing time and empty words that do not follow a positive direction. Under any circumstances, you should try to use the formidable power of positive thoughts to influence the world in a constructive manner.

You will naturally help those around you and you will help yourself by creating positive vibrations. These will draw to you everything you long for in every area, whether it concerns money, love, luck or the fulfilment of all your wishes. Good attracts Good like a magnet. 

Know yourself

We often seek external solutions even though we possess them inside us because we do not know how to find them within ourselves. Our best advisor is often ourselves !

“Know yourself”

No one else but you knows what is good for you, whether consciously or unconsciously. No one knows you better than you do.

Even if you do not really know yourself yet, there are many techniques that could help you better know yourself. If you really want it, it won’t be difficult for you to find a method that suits you to reach that purpose.

Whatever the problem you are dealing with, whether it involves your finances, emotions, friendships, family or social life… always seek the solutions – first of all – within yourself.

The solution is first to be found in you

Some turn to advisor, external assistances, psychologists, spiritual guides…

Their help may be extremely valuable indeed. These people can help you shed light on some solutions. But it can only work if you have the will to get a grip on yourself and go ahead towards a different future, one that better suits you.

If you wish to take stock, carry out an examination of conscience and progressively use the formidable creative power of the mind. This way, it will free itself from its limits and unleash all its power and formidable creative possibilities for your greater good. Your imagination is limitless and can help you transform your life. Allow it to take over control, just like when you were a child.



 It is wise to persuade people to do things and make them think it was their own idea.

~ Nelson Mandela

Mimicry of Life

imitationOne of the essential goals in life is to make your existence a success by improving yourself in all areas, and in doing good around you.

However, to make your life a success, you need examples to follow in order to know what you should and should not do.

All human beings function through mimicry, or imitating others. From childhood to old-age, all is mimicry, since no-one lives isolated from everyone else.

You take your first steps unconsciously imitating those around you.

The best proof is children raised by wolves, who often walk on all-fours and must learn to walk on their two legs later on. They also need to learn to eat with a knife and fork, etc. Everything in life is mimicry.

And the same applies to psychology and behaviour. Although each person possesses their own personality, it is often constructed through mimicry and/or opposition to people you see every day, like your parents or grandparents when you’re young.

Sometimes, without knowing it, you copy certain habits and mannerisms, certain behaviours of relatives, either close or distant.

Mimicry is not a bad thing. You can and should reproduce a behaviour if it enables you to improve yourself.

For that to happen, every one of us needs to look up, not down. Successful people’s behaviour is a model, because it can provide you with constructive advice.

Positive mind

You may be familiar with the famous proverb: ‘‘If you want peace, prepare for war.’’ It means if a country doesn’t want to be attacked, it needs to show it has a strong well-equipped army. 

Let me propose a new version of this famous saying, so you can live your own life better. 
Wanting and having peace in one’s existence is a legitimate aspiration for all of us in life, in order to live more happily…

The best way to establish peace in your existence is to develop Love and positive thoughts. 

I know that’s easier said than done, especially if you have difficulties and problems at the moment you read these lines…

But it’s the absolute truth. To reach harmony, you first need to establish peace in your mind through positive thoughts and Love. You’ll see the difference!

When you have conflicts with other people, don’t add fuel to the flames, and always try to calm things down. 

Making concessions is not necessarily a sign of weakness, but rather of wisdom, because in so doing you rise above the fray. 

Do not lower yourself to the level of the people who have done you wrong, by using the same arguments or acting like them. 

Also, do not seek revenge. If you act with a positive state of mind, you’ll be able to defuse any conflicts or resolve any issues, no matter how strong or intelligent the person facing you is. 

Put Love in your thoughts, words and deeds, and you will establish peace in your existence, and in your human relations.