A Bridge in Life

According to newtons law opposite poles attract each other and same pole repel each other likewise which things we don’t want in life which are exactly against to mindset and expectations then a bridge is created  between expectation and mindset.and in this bridge our expectations lags behind ,suffering starts..what we are living really we want to live this lifestyle? everything happening accordingly what is already written for our future and present of need .Things in life are like characters on stage plays their role.Change  in  entire future life is learning and optimism .Being serious and  just listening  you seniors as to change on that thing is not in our hand.To make change and to understand the change in life and bring positive behind every task is necessity.

The whole universe chease to achieve money and just to complete desires,and its need to fullfill the lifestyle.But what’s this bridge then……sometimes somewhere we want to achieve  one thing thats only wish ..just example if you want strawberry basket it is not available in nearby shop you run towards other where it gets . likewise you run towards goal like fruit and efforts is that way running towards shop where you get stawberry then may  that way is complex like fuzzy logic you cannot draw set and subset of your wishesh being awareness ,sincerity and logic behind your need and your thoughts turned into action thats the hope.The bridge between you and your hope or desire make you supeiror through your experiences .

To complete any thing it may your dream ,your willingness,awareness ,thinking power ,your efforts can complete bridge,it name simplies conjunction between two points.train can run move fast on bridge than when it passes through tunnel same when there is no focus or spotlight on what you achieve there will no lifegame possible

Hope makes life Meaningful…


Enjoy Balance of LifE

Everyday starts with smile. If day start with happy mood, whole day you enjoy in same mood. To cook Food, recipe is must and proportion of contents must be likewise. While Enjoying food, thinking about its ingredients or about surrounding nature also makes you mood.

You only need is to switch your moods and make yourself your favourite one!

In morning think about that single day you began with full of smile, you will get loving sunshine. There are several kinda of people you met in life, either for search of your need or theirs or purpose of socialism, no one is kind here in world. World is High to understand and to reach the peak. Just reach up to your inner voice & that is sufficient!

So Whats recipe of life? Its combination of several your mood switching your happiness, your sorrow, your depression, your tension and importantly your patience to achieve your desire. All these moods (nature) are building blocks or ingredients to build your own life. To construct first floor, ground floor is important, so you can construct highest building of your life! One of important step in life can move or give path of life.

Being philosophical, certain people in life, supporting you or not is not much as important that you support yourself or not or you are first to take any decision.

You just Enjoy what you like, Sports, hobby, study, music, reading, anything can change your mood, your day, your bad patch in life. You only rebuild yourself and yours thoughts can build yourself from inside. Be positive.

Certain stages in life never recover, due to that we lag somewhere. But every dig we can be filled and reconstruct our life. Just keep time lag behind. The therapy you got about life during lagging period is essential! Healing is solution. Prevention is better than cure, somewhere we make our-self safe sometimes cure is just within. Self appraisal is best appraisal than others appraising you for anything in Life. In a same way, you nourish your own plant …..

Now recipe can  be complete and tasty only when ingredients are in proportion and in time . Likewise switching of your own mood or immediate reaction about any situation depends on you only!

How you change yourself, controlling your own moods, is important because changing other people’s nature is not in your hand!

Know yourself

We often seek external solutions even though we possess them inside us because we do not know how to find them within ourselves. Our best advisor is often ourselves !

“Know yourself”

No one else but you knows what is good for you, whether consciously or unconsciously. No one knows you better than you do.

Even if you do not really know yourself yet, there are many techniques that could help you better know yourself. If you really want it, it won’t be difficult for you to find a method that suits you to reach that purpose.

Whatever the problem you are dealing with, whether it involves your finances, emotions, friendships, family or social life… always seek the solutions – first of all – within yourself.

The solution is first to be found in you

Some turn to advisor, external assistances, psychologists, spiritual guides…

Their help may be extremely valuable indeed. These people can help you shed light on some solutions. But it can only work if you have the will to get a grip on yourself and go ahead towards a different future, one that better suits you.

If you wish to take stock, carry out an examination of conscience and progressively use the formidable creative power of the mind. This way, it will free itself from its limits and unleash all its power and formidable creative possibilities for your greater good. Your imagination is limitless and can help you transform your life. Allow it to take over control, just like when you were a child.

Positive mind

You may be familiar with the famous proverb: ‘‘If you want peace, prepare for war.’’ It means if a country doesn’t want to be attacked, it needs to show it has a strong well-equipped army. 

Let me propose a new version of this famous saying, so you can live your own life better. 
Wanting and having peace in one’s existence is a legitimate aspiration for all of us in life, in order to live more happily…

The best way to establish peace in your existence is to develop Love and positive thoughts. 

I know that’s easier said than done, especially if you have difficulties and problems at the moment you read these lines…

But it’s the absolute truth. To reach harmony, you first need to establish peace in your mind through positive thoughts and Love. You’ll see the difference!

When you have conflicts with other people, don’t add fuel to the flames, and always try to calm things down. 

Making concessions is not necessarily a sign of weakness, but rather of wisdom, because in so doing you rise above the fray. 

Do not lower yourself to the level of the people who have done you wrong, by using the same arguments or acting like them. 

Also, do not seek revenge. If you act with a positive state of mind, you’ll be able to defuse any conflicts or resolve any issues, no matter how strong or intelligent the person facing you is. 

Put Love in your thoughts, words and deeds, and you will establish peace in your existence, and in your human relations.

In Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

We’re all searching for happiness. And one of the best ways of attaining it is to let other people’s happiness make you happy, instead of envious.

Depending on the positive or negative tone of your thoughts, words and deeds, you create vibrations of the same kind, i.e. positive or negative.

Letting other people’s happiness make you happy generates positive vibrations, both for yourself and for others.

Letting other people’s happiness make you happy does everyone good, you included.

And the opposite is also true. Not rejoicing in others’ misfortune also generates favorable, positive energy that helps you attain your goals more quickly, and have the life you dream of.

Emitting positive thoughts when you think of someone else, even for no specific reason, is also very beneficial. The more positive thoughts you’re able to generate, the more positive energy you’ll receive in return.

And it’s the accumulation of all these good vibrations that helps realize your potential in all areas of your life: Luck, money, health, love-life, work, etc.

In short, generating positive energy makes achieving all your goals a lot easier. Do that, and your life is sure to improve.