Your five fingers

Five fingers of your hand what actually it has its own importance.If your one finger may cut or during driving it may injured it recovers it takes time likewise five points in life first finger is your perception(approach) towards task second middle finger is your efforts towards task or gathering information needed for that task or to be educate ,aware to do task,third finger is your willingness ,your hope , when you realized that’s very tough stage you decide that into parts and fourth finger is to stop others who demotivate you to do task ,last not but least your thumb fifth finger is your gear your speed or speed up your brain or your understanding level to the point where nobody can receive such signals they needed antenna like antenna of yourself like your behavior,your nature,your sincere efforts ,how you run your shoes towards your dream.when these all fingers together simple life never tease you.somebody says when you point one finger towards anyone rest fingers on your side but what exactly you give importance to which finger and for what that you should rest author plan always worked and they can reach their thoughts/views by writing with pointing finger.your pencil can write one sentence but it reads thousands of people .sometimes a single thought can work out anything may be any big Just think about yourself and focus ,life itself truely motivated if our pointing finger-approach is right direction and perpendicular with your understanding level.that’s set!!



@@Improving LiFeStYlE  !!


Just improving lifestyle mean what you eat ,what you wear,where you  are living ,where you are working…is it improving lifestyle…Its matter of quality of thoughts…whats going inside your mind…your self confidance,,,you respect yourself..first!! improving lifestyle….just mean where you live….which restaurant you are going….ya its status….just updating your facebook account…where you are…(Location) ,what you feel….is it your social life….???

Its really good- being part of social sites your communicating others indirectly places you visited.. they are awaring about new places till now they may not visited,they are hunting same places …point is..what you feel inside,divine power(MIND power ) that what you desire…You want to go MacD ,You want to go Pizzahut..yes, is this change your own world???….where you are working … this change your own world??Visiting World……..your World tour and World bank with you…can give you everything….then what a real happiness….one thing should keep in mind the place where you visited…the food what you eat…the people with whom you are living….give u peace of life.. analyse it Changing surrounding world is not solution ,changing yourself ….your attitude towards everything…balancing life.Life is straight path…but where speedbreakers  come and where you are applying breaks…(on your demands ,your willing) and where you are giving priority and how your living is  improving your lifestyle!! Courage and patience are keys to find out what you want in life stepwise! Parties you Visited where the people having status that never makes you jelouse ,But  it is you as you are comparing yourself inside  mind with them that  will create mind game..There is spark and bond in between everything that lead you always what you  think inside…that what create you nature and your world and that create your lifestyle…your personality and everything! Be Your Own Best FRIEND!


Nothing-is-IMPOSSIBLEReally wanting something, and being convinced it’s a good thing for you, will always lead to it’s being realized.

Never say something is impossible, or that you can’t do it. Always have hope your dreams can become reality, and never lose that vision.

All great discoveries were made by people who believed in them, and never doubted they’d achieve their goals.

Keep moving forward until your dreams come true. Of course, you’ll encounter obstacles along the way, but you should try to see them as tests of your will and motivation, rather than as setbacks. Do that, and your life will be much more interesting.

Seeing obstacles as stepping-stones to success, rather than as barriers, will help you evolve to ever-higher states of awareness.

We should all be patient, and move forward at our own speed. Just remember that life isn’t a sprint, but a long, complex course. Pace yourself.

In Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

We’re all searching for happiness. And one of the best ways of attaining it is to let other people’s happiness make you happy, instead of envious.

Depending on the positive or negative tone of your thoughts, words and deeds, you create vibrations of the same kind, i.e. positive or negative.

Letting other people’s happiness make you happy generates positive vibrations, both for yourself and for others.

Letting other people’s happiness make you happy does everyone good, you included.

And the opposite is also true. Not rejoicing in others’ misfortune also generates favorable, positive energy that helps you attain your goals more quickly, and have the life you dream of.

Emitting positive thoughts when you think of someone else, even for no specific reason, is also very beneficial. The more positive thoughts you’re able to generate, the more positive energy you’ll receive in return.

And it’s the accumulation of all these good vibrations that helps realize your potential in all areas of your life: Luck, money, health, love-life, work, etc.

In short, generating positive energy makes achieving all your goals a lot easier. Do that, and your life is sure to improve.