Change in life

Change in day to day is necessary thing as certain situation in life we cannot move out..!! Being Bachlor and  being single, people often need change .change about surrounding ,change about surrounding people,options are many there .you twist your mind ,your thoughts will chease yourself, life gave you a chance to turn a way towards it.Either a wish can be fullfilled and it takes time to manage everything according to  wish.But Lesser traffic of thoughts lesser will be your journey .Being Honest and sincere in life time will change everything .need for change need for journey need for life need for hope need to love,need to achieve .behind everything there is need there is way if there is will.Honesty is best policy but some people may take advantage of your nature…so change in your nature is necessary.To be or not to be is the question but to be is the attitude .kya hoga iss se jo hoga vo dekha jayega.You visit every place ,it gave you immense pleasure inside .inner power tease you and lead you never lag you .”remember every action there is equal and opposite reaction.if you push for anything which forcefully your thoughts made it to happen but when there is no meaning in life when there is no change.If you are bored about the place change the place go where you like manage it financially,mentally and with company it gives u joy. To engage your mind is not just rest try to enanage your mind with some stuffs extraordinary things you will get your focus clear learn to get thing don’t just run for thing.change is necessity if you are not getting thing in your way then change the way don’t change your goal either its your hobby,its your maturity,its your mood ,switching your mood and thinking about memories is not solution.past has gone,don’t waste your present by thinking about past Future is awaiting for you /switch your mood and try to be happy not really sad or bad or depressed,sometimes you feel alone you need company to share with someone but phase has gone once you are happy with yourself inside .Your hope and your need to change your lifestyle ,your place you living from childhood it may be gave you mental sickness to adjust with some different life or it may give you happiness its upto you.negativity kills our many thoughts yet to come.Your positive approach towards to thing which you want to change in your life gave you everything which you want !! If you are alone and you feel loneliness and you dont want to make new friends then make surrounding nature as your friend ,make your pet as friend ,make your fishpot as friend ,make your pet birds as friend ,be attached with one thing in life like which never return anything to you but it gave you immense pleasure inside. Dont wish for anything in return learn to chease your mood in your way ,how two roomates are living together still you feel lonely as there is gap of sharing they didnt get time to share and dont need it but it truely give rise to their health issue as they cant share their sorrow ,joy as they attached due to just finantial need ,they cant angry to each other as fit happens owner of housse will do some action,its very deep pain when you are with surrounding but you feel yourself somewhere different and you feeel lonely your loneliness starts when you realise yourself when your bad patch comes and it slowly disappear with new good patch in life but it mean life gave you another chance at that time you suddenly gone through mental shock and you realise you need attention ,care.yes when you are rising stars in astrology are good (when you get everything goody goody whatever your mind desire ) then definitely your friends will less and your enemies will be more but love that enemies beacause they are teaching you ,you are leader and they are lag behind ,when someone come first 100 will last due to their madness .Change in you can change the surrounding how you present yourself can tackle your loneliness,you get people more to share but you loose them to share because there are some boundaries and limitations to share your views wither in your workplace ,in your home,also with your partner too.try to  be change in action may activate and reachrge yourself own to move towards phases/shades of life!


Enjoy Balance of LifE

Everyday starts with smile. If day start with happy mood, whole day you enjoy in same mood. To cook Food, recipe is must and proportion of contents must be likewise. While Enjoying food, thinking about its ingredients or about surrounding nature also makes you mood.

You only need is to switch your moods and make yourself your favourite one!

In morning think about that single day you began with full of smile, you will get loving sunshine. There are several kinda of people you met in life, either for search of your need or theirs or purpose of socialism, no one is kind here in world. World is High to understand and to reach the peak. Just reach up to your inner voice & that is sufficient!

So Whats recipe of life? Its combination of several your mood switching your happiness, your sorrow, your depression, your tension and importantly your patience to achieve your desire. All these moods (nature) are building blocks or ingredients to build your own life. To construct first floor, ground floor is important, so you can construct highest building of your life! One of important step in life can move or give path of life.

Being philosophical, certain people in life, supporting you or not is not much as important that you support yourself or not or you are first to take any decision.

You just Enjoy what you like, Sports, hobby, study, music, reading, anything can change your mood, your day, your bad patch in life. You only rebuild yourself and yours thoughts can build yourself from inside. Be positive.

Certain stages in life never recover, due to that we lag somewhere. But every dig we can be filled and reconstruct our life. Just keep time lag behind. The therapy you got about life during lagging period is essential! Healing is solution. Prevention is better than cure, somewhere we make our-self safe sometimes cure is just within. Self appraisal is best appraisal than others appraising you for anything in Life. In a same way, you nourish your own plant …..

Now recipe can  be complete and tasty only when ingredients are in proportion and in time . Likewise switching of your own mood or immediate reaction about any situation depends on you only!

How you change yourself, controlling your own moods, is important because changing other people’s nature is not in your hand!

Life is not built in a Day

Taking a look at the past may influence your current life and even define the outline of your future. How is it possible? Let’s use a simple analogy.

The man and his house

A man is like a house that is being built step by step during a lifetime. Just like a house, he needs strong foundations. When they are strong, the walls can be built before the roof is constructed!

Constructing the roof before the walls or building walls on shaky foundations would not occur to anyone.

There is a time and place for everything…

The same goes for human beings. They need to shape their personality step by step and take things in the right order to avoid crumbling down someday, to know who they are, what their personality is and experience success and happiness.

The building of the foundations of a house can be compared to the shaping of a child’s personality. The construction of the walls corresponds to the consolidation of the character and the installation of the roof corresponds to the time when the age of reason is reached.

Once all the construction steps have been carried out, the state of the house needs to be regularly checked to make sure everything is in order, nothing is damaged and nothing is threatening to collapse.

Also, when someone has reached maturity, they need to use the experience they acquired during their childhood and adolescence to consolidate their life as an adult and serenely grow old!


A logical continuation: the past, the present and the future

As a result, a Man needs to use his past to build his present and foresee the future under the best conditions.

The events and hardships of the past and must be remembered so that the same mistakes are not made again because they will only lead to the same deadlocks. Ordeals are there to help you progress if you can learn lessons from them.

It is important to turn the past into the foundations of your life in order to build your personal house: your life. You always need to forge ahead.

Take advantage of the experience you acquired to avoid making the same mistakes and make use you of what you learned in the past to turn them to your advantage.

Butterfly Effect

When things do not go the way we would like them to go, we tend to doubt everything, which leads to self-doubt. Yet, each living creature belongs to this world. Every one of them is significant and has a role to play.

There are days when we feel heavy-hearted, when sadness takes over. When such a feeling overcomes us, it can have consequences in our life and that of our near and dear. 

In order to forestall this negative feeling or make it quickly go away, do not ever forget that you belong to this Earth even if you haven’t found your place yet. We need you.

Every single human being has a role to play in this world. Those who are unhappy feel this way because they haven’t found their place in this life.

Our dissatisfaction comes from the gap between our life and our desires. This frustration is caused by the fact that we have not yet found our real place. Well, life’s purpose is to find your place in this world. Your life depends on that of others and the lives of others depend on yours. Do not ever forget it.

Life is a chain linking the lives of every single human being. Through what is called the butterfly effect,your succeeding in your quest for happiness will have positive repercussions on humankind in its entirety.

Indeed, according to the butterfly effect theory, what happens to one of us has an impact on humankind as a whole. We are all dependent on one another. So, keep looking for your place in spite of adversity.

Doing this will be one of the best means to turn your life into the life you deserve and make the most of it. It will also be one of the best means to help others – through the butterfly effect – so they experience great happiness and get closer to their goals.

You can first try to act this way for yourself. You will realize that this attitude has positive effects on your life. If you feel better, you will find yourself in a position where you could better help others and your life will be undoubtedly changed. You will then have found your real place in this world.

Lucky Seeds

If you sow the wrong seeds in the ground, they will turn into damaging or toxic plants posing a threat to the other species of plants, animals or to Man. Bad seeds engender weeds.

If you plant good seeds, plants, flowers, vegetables will emerge and they will be beneficial to the animals or Man.

The logic works in the same way as far as the mental seeds sowed by Man are concerned. These mental seeds represent all the ideas and principles that you sow around you and in the minds of those who surround you.

If the thoughts that are sowed are bad, they will invade the minds of the people around. Depending on the degree of persuasion and influence on these people, they will have effects that are proportionally harmful on the minds of these influenced people.

These bad seeds will spread like wildfire through the intermediary of the “sowed” people. They will invade the minds of all the people that will be under the influence of the contaminated.

So, sow positive mental seeds because they will necessarily have a beneficial effect on the people with whom you will be in contact. These people will in turn put your ideas into practice and spread them around them, increasing the levels of Good in the world.

Those who will use your beneficial mental seeds and derive benefits from them will not want to keep their negative ideas. They will notice a difference thanks to the benefits they will bring into their lives in terms of happiness, wealth and luck.

Furthermore, you will directly and indirectly reap the benefits, provided that you sow these mental seeds without expecting anything in return or with the aim of furthering your own interests. Sow for free, with only an altruistic wish in mind: common good. What is good for others will also be good for you.

You will become stronger, you will increase your self-confidence, you will increase your levels of energy and you will automatically attract luck.

In Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

We’re all searching for happiness. And one of the best ways of attaining it is to let other people’s happiness make you happy, instead of envious.

Depending on the positive or negative tone of your thoughts, words and deeds, you create vibrations of the same kind, i.e. positive or negative.

Letting other people’s happiness make you happy generates positive vibrations, both for yourself and for others.

Letting other people’s happiness make you happy does everyone good, you included.

And the opposite is also true. Not rejoicing in others’ misfortune also generates favorable, positive energy that helps you attain your goals more quickly, and have the life you dream of.

Emitting positive thoughts when you think of someone else, even for no specific reason, is also very beneficial. The more positive thoughts you’re able to generate, the more positive energy you’ll receive in return.

And it’s the accumulation of all these good vibrations that helps realize your potential in all areas of your life: Luck, money, health, love-life, work, etc.

In short, generating positive energy makes achieving all your goals a lot easier. Do that, and your life is sure to improve.