Invisible walls around you

What we call ”comfort zone” are the limits defined by our daily life. This comfort zone is made up of habits we get into as time goes by. But these habits soon turn into limitations. In order to really change your existence, you will need to get out of your comfort zone. If you don’t, the needed transformations will be difficult to initiate.


See the invisible walls of your prison

The same goes for everybody. It is hard not to get into habits, or even create some sort of routine in life. Admittedly, this routine often generates a reassuring feeling but it can also quickly turn into a prison made of invisible walls in which you end up going round in circles.

As time goes by and as you learn lessons from your successes or failures, you accumulate certainties. They often become the foundations on which you build your life.

The accumulation of ideas derived from our experience and our childhood gradually form the base of our state of mind. Unconsciously or not, our state of mind causes us to make decisions and behave in the way we do. We often end up hiding behind the certainties that lie at the root of our living conditions.

As we grow older, we set up invisible limits around us – without realising it… and the more time goes by, the less we dare go beyond these limits!

This attitude is very widespread and understandable but it can turn out to be a genuine trap, one that could imprison you within invisible walls if you do not question some of your certainties.

How to see these invisible walls?

There are several ways to realise invisible walls are enclosing you but two of them are particularly recommended: observing your behaviour every day and putting your beliefs to the test in real life.

1.   Observing your behaviour in real life

To check whether you find yourself in an invisible prison, the first effective method you need to use merely consists in observing yourself every day.  

Here is how to proceed. It is simple: starting today, or as soon as possible, observe what is going on in your life and simply write down the principles and ideas you make use of to deal with the situations that come your way.

For a week or two, focus on this observation task. Perform it objectively. During this period, write the ideas you used to solve your problems and improve your life, regardless of the area (your enrichment, your emotional life and luck in general).

Write them down in a notebook along with the principles you apply every day of your life.

Do not judge the results of your actions, whether they are good or bad. Only write the principles used and the results derived from your actions.

2.   Putting your beliefs to the test

After a week or two (it’s up to you to decide), take your notebook and analyse the results.

See the ideas that helped you derive the most benefits. Those that helped you get richer, improve your life and be luckier.

Draw up another list containing those that did not bring you any benefit or even those that were detrimental to you.

Put the former into practice and avoid the latter. Adopt more ideas that are designed to change your life!


Courage in LIFE

One of the main qualities in life is to follow your path with courage. You can never choose the easy way out when you want to lead the life of your dreams. This is an unavoidable truth.

Following your own path

You have to keep in mind that, if you want to reach your goals in life, you need to summon all your courage in order to overcome the obstacles that cross the path of those who are bold enough to get off the beaten track and follow their own path.

Admittedly, you can be sheltered from the main obstacles that may come cross the path of the bold ones if you merely follow the beaten track but life would not have the same taste, the one it should have. It would lack passion and spice!

Of course, those who lead their lives with courage have to face problems but these problems are hard to avoid anyway. Nobody can avoid them. What matters is that you find solutions to your problems.

Courage to take full advantage of life

Courage is not just about accomplishing feats that will be worth mentioning in history books, feats that will be known the world over. There are many courageous people in world, many more than you think. But no one will ever hear about them!

Since we often hear about those who accomplish great feats, whether these feats involve technology, sports, warriors, humanists, we get a wrong image of what courage is.

You can be courageous by resisting the things some try to impose on you in your daily life, by rejecting conventional thinking, by trying to build your life, even if it does not involve great feats. Everyone can do that in their own humble way.

Doing some self-analysis, not accepting your life if it does not satisfy you and trying to change it require a great deal of courage. Once it is part of your life, courage is everywhere in your endeavours!

I-M-Possible (contd.)

Anybody can aim for the impossible! Indeed, if you set limits to your  projects, desires, dreams, you’ll end up living an unfulfilling life.

It is important to have projects, desires and dreams that are unlimited in space and time because you never know what your limits are. You can only know them if you always try to surpass yourself. You should not make routine your own because it never leads anywhere.

Routine generates a false feeling of safety and curbs your desire to take risks. Taking risks does not necessarily mean uselessly putting yourself in jeopardy. The small victories you accumulate will reinforce your willpower and gradually lead to other and greater victories.

A victory – no matter how small it is – is always derived from positive actions that enable you to test and surpass our own limits. Therefore, you must have high ambitions but take measured risks.

You need to act methodically with humility, composure, and patience.

Humility serves to stay aware of your possibilities in a given moment and set reasonable and progressive steps – even if you have set high goals for yourself – so as to be sure to complete the plan – whether it concerns a project or a more humble goal.

Composure enables you to control your emotions and feelings so you do not let your negative emotions – which only lead you to lose control and lead you astray – get the better of you. Therefore, you must keep your composure under any circumstances because doing so always pays off and is constructive in life.

You need to act methodically according to a plan you set for yourself and stick to it. If you are going too slow, speed up a bit or give yourself more time. This leads us to the last virtue…

Patience is indispensable in any transformation process because we know when we start a project but never know when our goal is going to be reached. Patience is vital.


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Lucky Seeds

If you sow the wrong seeds in the ground, they will turn into damaging or toxic plants posing a threat to the other species of plants, animals or to Man. Bad seeds engender weeds.

If you plant good seeds, plants, flowers, vegetables will emerge and they will be beneficial to the animals or Man.

The logic works in the same way as far as the mental seeds sowed by Man are concerned. These mental seeds represent all the ideas and principles that you sow around you and in the minds of those who surround you.

If the thoughts that are sowed are bad, they will invade the minds of the people around. Depending on the degree of persuasion and influence on these people, they will have effects that are proportionally harmful on the minds of these influenced people.

These bad seeds will spread like wildfire through the intermediary of the “sowed” people. They will invade the minds of all the people that will be under the influence of the contaminated.

So, sow positive mental seeds because they will necessarily have a beneficial effect on the people with whom you will be in contact. These people will in turn put your ideas into practice and spread them around them, increasing the levels of Good in the world.

Those who will use your beneficial mental seeds and derive benefits from them will not want to keep their negative ideas. They will notice a difference thanks to the benefits they will bring into their lives in terms of happiness, wealth and luck.

Furthermore, you will directly and indirectly reap the benefits, provided that you sow these mental seeds without expecting anything in return or with the aim of furthering your own interests. Sow for free, with only an altruistic wish in mind: common good. What is good for others will also be good for you.

You will become stronger, you will increase your self-confidence, you will increase your levels of energy and you will automatically attract luck.

Dreams + Desires = Goals

We all have dreams and desires in life. This is a good thing since they are the drive we need, our source of  motivation. They are the “mental fuel” that is often indispensable to help us continue our journey and not throw in the towel.

Be ambitious but do not overestimate yourself

We all harbor the desire and hope for a better life. When you go through depressing and discouraging times, you hold on to your main goal and/or varied objectives to get back on track.
Unfortunately, many people fail to materialize their desires because they set the bar too high and do not always have the inner abilities to live up to their ambitions.

Many people try to climb to the top of the Himalaya without even having trained enough to climb up the hill near their house. As a result, they wear themselves out and lack oxygen as soon as the foothills begin, which leads them to run short of oxygen quite quickly!

You would doubtlessly never think of taking on the highest mountain in the world without training. And if you did, you would follow an alpinist progressive training plan over the course of several months to achieve it.

And yet, many people behave this way where their desires are concerned. It is wiser to set realistic goals for yourself to have any chance of fulfilling them.

Knowing yourself well to better succeed

You must start in a humble manner by seeing yourself as you are and not as you imagine yourself to be. That means you must – first of all – know your real possibilities, your inner strengths but also your weaknesses. This way, you will have a better idea of the life that suits you and that corresponds to what you are capable of doing in life.

As Julius Caesar rightly said:

“You’d rather be the first man in a village than the second man in Rome.”

Every one of us has their own qualities and must adapt their projects to their personal abilities.

Once this principle of humility has been understood and put into practice, ask yourself what you love, what your abilities are and what skills others acknowledge you have. Asking for someone’s opinion may be a formidable means to show how humble you are and better understand who you are. Build your projects and goals on these foundations and you will make your dreams come true.

Humility, Cool-headedness and Patience

image By EssjayNZ

image By EssjayNZ


An old proverb says ‘‘They are free of fruit that want an orchard.’’ But I say: ‘‘Everyone can have their own orchard!’’

If you place limits on your plans, desires and dreams… you’ll sidestep your own existence.

It’s important to have plans, desires and dreams that have no limits in time or space. The fact is, we never know what our limits really are.

The only way you can define them is by always trying to surpass them. That way your life won’t fall into a routine, which leads nowhere.

Routine creates a false sense of security, by dampening your desire to take risks. I recommend taking risks every day, even if it’s only one, and even if it’s insignificant. Small victories gradually accumulate, and strengthen your willpower to achieve great things.

A victory, even a minor one, is always positive, and enables you to test and surpass your own limits.

You may have lofty ambitions, but you should only take measured risks, and keep them within range of your abilities.

You need to act with humility, cool-headedness and patience.

Humility makes you aware of your possibilities at any given moment. Although your goals may be lofty, humility keeps you focused on the steps you need to take to reach your final objective, which could be life-changing for you, or have a more modest impact.

Being cool-headed means you’re able to control your feelings, and the negative emotions that could make you lose sight of your true path in life. If you can keep a cool head on your shoulders under any circumstances, it will always pay-off in the end, and be a constructive force in your life.

You’ll also need to be patient, and methodically stick to the plans you develope for yourself beforehand, and not deviate from them. Which brings us to our final virtue:

Patience, which is indispensable in any process of transformation, because it’s easy to start something, but much harder to bring it to completion. Being Patient is critical for achieving success.

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