Funeral Undone

Many words yet to be said,
Many words yet to be heard,
As were said and heard before.

Now values are lost, the words are lost,
Choices made and time undone.

Dust spreads wings;
Shadow darks rings;
Lost names, black skies,
Lost face, black eyes.

In the heart silence resides,
Six feet under now memory lies.

Now values buried, the words buried,
And Impressions carved on Tombstone.


Symphony of Greed & Fear


“The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”

—Charles du Bois


I think what I’m about to do

is bravest thing I put myself through

Leaving behind the hopes so high
Falling like stars a crumbling sky
In the darkness like a ray of hope
Its a tough life, too tough to cope

Let it hatch the shell without knife
A Midas touch to create a new life

~ Abhi

Thoughts of mind (synopsis):

If one wants to gain anything he has to give something in return be his/her dedication, time or an aspect of life that is owned. It is very tough to give-up things that we own, because we are fond of them. We get habitual with them being a part of life. – A so-called “comfort zone“.  It is at this point we refrain from achieving what we can just because of the fear of losing what we already have. The first part of the poem depicts the greed & fear that rule our life. Greed to achieve things that we don’t have and Fear of loosing things that we possess.

In the second part I tried to capture the feelings when you overcome this fear. With first step towards change you see the sight of failure, thing not working as you expect them to be and suddenly the world start to seem upside down and in that darkness you still cling to the hope. This is the point of life that pushes you to get back to you “comfort zone”

In the last part I have used contradictions. Hatching the egg-shell but without the sharpness of knife as a symbol of new life that hatches out with its gentle fingers, Medas touch contradicts to creation of life, is used as adding a value to the new thing, the new change that you are about to bring. When you create something, Aren’t you Medas giving a golden touch to your creation?

Dark Side of My Heart!!!

The theme of coldness relates to extinguished desire. Desire creates heat, while the sunlight leads us on. But satisfaction never lasts, replaced by the cold light of Truth. If you still cling, the ground beneath your feet will “melt”.

Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart
of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants
The way it stops and starts



dil me tum aapni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho

Poetry from ZMND (Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara)

दिलों में तुम अपनी बेताबियाँ लेके चल रहे हो
तोह जिंदा हो तुम
नज़र में ख़्वाबों की बिजलियाँ लेके चल रहे हो
तोह जिंदा हो तुम
हवा के झोंकों के जैसे आजाद रहना सीखो
तुम एक दरिया के जैसे लहरों में बहना सीखो
हर एक लम्हे से तुम मिलो खोले अपनी बाहें
हर एक पल इक नया समां देखें येह निगाहें
जो अपनी आँखों में हैरानियाँ लेके चल रहे हो
तोह जिंदा हो तुम
दिलों में तुम अपनी बेताबियाँ लेके चल रहे हो
तोह जिंदा हो तुम

English Translation of the first poetry

If you have eagerness in your heart, it means you are alive,
If your eyes are filled with dreams, it means you are alive
Learn to be free like the wind, (copyright
Learn to flow freely like the river,
Embrace every moment with open arms,
See a new horizon every time with your eyes,
If you carry surprise in your eyes, it means you are alive,
If you have eagerness in your heart, it means you are alive…

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jab jab dard ka baadal chaya

Poetry from ZMND (Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara)

जब जब दर्द का बादल छाया
जब गम का साया लहराया
जब आंसू पलकों तक आया
जब येह तनहा दिल घबराया
हमने दिल को येह समझाया
दिल आखिर तू क्यूँ रोता है
दुनिया में यूँही होता है
यह जो गेहरे सन्नाटे हैं
वक़्त ने सबको ही बांटे हैं
थोडा गम है सबका किस्सा
थोड़ी धुप है सबका हिस्सा
आँख तेरी बेकार ही नम है
हर पल एक नया मौसम है
क्यूँ तू ऐसे पल खोता है
दिल आखिर तू क्यूँ रोता है

English Translation of the first poetry

Whenever the clouds of pain and sadness loomed,
Whenever tears came till the eyelashes,
Whenever this lonely heart got scared,
I told my heart, Oh Heart, why do you cry?
This is what happens in this world…

This deep silence…the world has distributed it to everyone,
Some sadness is a part of everyone’s life,
Some sunshine is a part of everyone’s life,
Your eyes are wet without any reason,
Every second is a new season, (copyright
Why do you let go of such priceless moments?
Oh Heart, why do you cry?

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ek baat hothon tak hai jo aai nahi

Poetry from ZMND (Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara)

इक बात होंटों तक है जो आई नहीं
बस आँखों से है झांकती
तुमसे कभी, मुझसे कभी
कुछ लफ्ज़ हैं वोह मांगती
जिनको पहनके होंटों तक आ जाए वोह
आवाज़ की बाहों में बाहें डालके इठलाये वोह
लेकिन जो येह इक बात है
अहसास ही अहसास है
खुशबू सी है जैसे हवा में तैरती
खुशबू जो बे-आवाज़ है
जिसका पता तुमको भी है
जिसकी खबर मुझको भी है
दुनिया से भी छुपता नहीं
यह जाने कैसा राज़ है

English Translation of the first poetry

A thing that still hasn’t come up to my lips and only peeks through my eyes,
It asks for words, sometimes from me and sometimes from you,
So that it can wear those words and come to the lips,
And so that it could be embraced by words..

But this thing is actually a feeling…only a feeling,
It’s like a fragrance floating in the air, (copyright
Fragrance, which has no voice…and about which you know and I know too.
It is not hidden from the world, what kind of a secret it is?

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pighle nilam sa behta hua yeh saama

Poetry from ZMND (Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara)

पिघले नीलम सा बहता हुआ येह समान
नीली नीली सी खामोशियाँ
ना कहीं है ज़मीन
ना कहीं आसमान
सरसराती हुयी टहनियाँ, पट्टियां
केह रही है की बस एक तुम हो यहाँ
सिर्फ मैं हूँ मेरी सांसें हैं और मेरी धडकनें
ऐसी गहराइयाँ
ऐसी  तनहाइयाँ
और मैं सिर्फ मैं
अपने होने पे मुझको यकीन आ गया

English Translation of the first poetry

The moment seems to flow like a molten sapphire and there’s deep blue silence,
Neither there is earth below, nor sky above,
The rustling branches, leaves are saying that only you are here,
Only me, my breath and my heartbeat,
Such deepness, such loneliness and me…only me,
It all makes me believe in my existence.

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