I am my own illusion. An illusion that thinks it exists
— That is one of my favorite quote

About Blog:

This blog is all about my readings, observations, thinking & about my experience & experiments in my life.
I call it “FUZZ” because I believe life is about an endless search. Right from when we are born we have explored this world, relations, friendships, existence. My thoughts are what I see, what I understand & what I believe.

About Abhishek Kale:

A simple person guided by values, priorities and rather strong beliefs. A thinker, learner, explorer and experimenter. Loves travelling & photography. Takes time to observe, appreciate and enjoy all that life has to offer, rather than mindlessly rushing through it… more

About Walk of Life:

I don’t like to walk in the woods, which are still pictures from memory.
Neither I like to walk in the sea, who pushes me when I wish to go near and pulls me when I want to go away.
Nor I like to walk in the valley, who always echoes whatever I say.
I like to walk in the river, which flows endless without echoes and no reversals….

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