Be Yourself !!

What you decide,and what you are living …its being concerned with your inner nature and not outer surrounding.what you are..Just BE Yourself!!

Every advice from others or every your demand to complete it from your people either about living style or about your likes dislikes

Tum kya ho…ye sab tum jan shakte ho…just comprising with  your world ..and moving forward and waiting for right time is not solution .To Find Path and to achieve something and to avoid your lazziness and keep your schedule as busy as possible. may most of u people hestitate with people you are having and you are trying to change them…or you are trying to change you…please dont do this be simple as much as u can… may some people take advantage of your knowledge your nature and may their phase will change due to you they may think about it but never expressed and you never get credits in term of anything.just bahut happy rahaina….ya dikhane se tum ji rahe ho ya  phir sach mei tum happy ho.

May after reading article mostly share their views with friends ,caligues for your experiences as per above ..but point is whatever happen with you…is the people responsible for that or you.If you gert answer for this,Nothing is possible for you in this life to tackle or that is your bad patch or that is your unknownkingly difficulties which are always with you as shadow of your life…its alright you made yourself through gain of your experiences……….experience is every step to make you high .But to reach peak ,Collect all these experiences as stepping stones of your is also for student,bachelor,single,married peoples and family people..Think about yourself and wheere you are and where you want to see yourself..kuch b na kar k sab aaage nikal rahe..ya to har sass lene ko time nikal ke b race mein aage nahi poch rahe..It truely mean you are just running human being like others in human race .Being Human ,your age is not must,your experience is not must your quality of thoughts is must.”Thoughts turned into action ::::APJ KALAM  “”

“Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.”
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam



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