Butterfly Effect

When things do not go the way we would like them to go, we tend to doubt everything, which leads to self-doubt. Yet, each living creature belongs to this world. Every one of them is significant and has a role to play.

There are days when we feel heavy-hearted, when sadness takes over. When such a feeling overcomes us, it can have consequences in our life and that of our near and dear. 

In order to forestall this negative feeling or make it quickly go away, do not ever forget that you belong to this Earth even if you haven’t found your place yet. We need you.

Every single human being has a role to play in this world. Those who are unhappy feel this way because they haven’t found their place in this life.

Our dissatisfaction comes from the gap between our life and our desires. This frustration is caused by the fact that we have not yet found our real place. Well, life’s purpose is to find your place in this world. Your life depends on that of others and the lives of others depend on yours. Do not ever forget it.

Life is a chain linking the lives of every single human being. Through what is called the butterfly effect,your succeeding in your quest for happiness will have positive repercussions on humankind in its entirety.

Indeed, according to the butterfly effect theory, what happens to one of us has an impact on humankind as a whole. We are all dependent on one another. So, keep looking for your place in spite of adversity.

Doing this will be one of the best means to turn your life into the life you deserve and make the most of it. It will also be one of the best means to help others – through the butterfly effect – so they experience great happiness and get closer to their goals.

You can first try to act this way for yourself. You will realize that this attitude has positive effects on your life. If you feel better, you will find yourself in a position where you could better help others and your life will be undoubtedly changed. You will then have found your real place in this world.