Race with Time

In life, we are sometimes under the impression that things are going too fast or, on the contrary, not fast enough. Time is all relative. Depending on the circumstances, we try to change things one way or another.

Adapt to your own pace

When we are in a hurry and things are not going fast enough, we try to rush things. On the contrary, when things seem to be going too fast and we feel we are not ready to keep pace, we try to slow things down.

In fact, most of the time, our attempts at slowing things down when they go too fast or at speeding things up when they go too slow often bring about the opposite effect.
The same goes for people. When some people want the stars to favour them, they make huge efforts to convince them to act but these efforts often bring about the opposite effect.

The rhythm of our lives is permanently changing

It is never the same. Sometimes, life unfolds quickly. Sometimes, life goes slowly!Adapt to its pace because there is always a reason for these changes in speed.

All these changes of rhythm that speed up or slow down our lives occur for a reason, even if you do not understand them at first.

So, to avoid this kind of problems, do not swim against the tide of a slowing down or acceleration in speed. Adopt the same pace as your life. Slow down when it slows down. Speed up when it speeds up. Surprisingly enough, you will often reach your goals more quickly if you slow down.

You will often notice, after a while, that there was a reason for this slowing down or acceleration in speed, which were incomprehensible at the time. Adapting to the pace of your life will enable you to attain your goals more safely.