Lucky Seeds

If you sow the wrong seeds in the ground, they will turn into damaging or toxic plants posing a threat to the other species of plants, animals or to Man. Bad seeds engender weeds.

If you plant good seeds, plants, flowers, vegetables will emerge and they will be beneficial to the animals or Man.

The logic works in the same way as far as the mental seeds sowed by Man are concerned. These mental seeds represent all the ideas and principles that you sow around you and in the minds of those who surround you.

If the thoughts that are sowed are bad, they will invade the minds of the people around. Depending on the degree of persuasion and influence on these people, they will have effects that are proportionally harmful on the minds of these influenced people.

These bad seeds will spread like wildfire through the intermediary of the “sowed” people. They will invade the minds of all the people that will be under the influence of the contaminated.

So, sow positive mental seeds because they will necessarily have a beneficial effect on the people with whom you will be in contact. These people will in turn put your ideas into practice and spread them around them, increasing the levels of Good in the world.

Those who will use your beneficial mental seeds and derive benefits from them will not want to keep their negative ideas. They will notice a difference thanks to the benefits they will bring into their lives in terms of happiness, wealth and luck.

Furthermore, you will directly and indirectly reap the benefits, provided that you sow these mental seeds without expecting anything in return or with the aim of furthering your own interests. Sow for free, with only an altruistic wish in mind: common good. What is good for others will also be good for you.

You will become stronger, you will increase your self-confidence, you will increase your levels of energy and you will automatically attract luck.