Change = Movement of Life

You have certainly noticed that everything is in perpetual change, in transformation, and, let’s hope that everything is also evolving in the universe and on Earth.

Life never stops: generations come and go and try to make humankind evolve. Most of them try to make the world a better place than it was when they were born.

You just can’t halt what’s going on within you or around you. You just can’t stop growing when you’re a child. You just can’t freeze time to stay 20 years of age and eternally young; no one can do that – not you, nor the people who surround you.

Likewise, seasons come and go, civilizations, societies, peoples see the light of day, live for a while and, some survive and some disappear. This is the great cycle of time, of life, of the universe. This is the secret to renewal.

Life is a perpetual movement and a continuous change. So, if you want to fully take advantage of this life you’re living and see all the benefits derived from what you do multiply and reward you a hundredfold, you have to take part in the Great Movement of Life by accompanying this current.

To that end, you must not hold back or try to hold back anything. Accept that time is passing by. This concerns everyone – those you don’t know and those you hold dear.

Pass down what you have in due time, just like your ancestors transmitted life, qualities, abilities or even goods – whether these are knowledge or money – to you.

All this is energy or rather multiple forms of the Great Energy that created the universe and keeps it alive. Be altruistic.

Have you noticed that people who hold things and the ones they love back seem to be unhappy while those who take part in life’s fluidity seem to be happy?

Furthermore, your participating in the Great Movement of Life enables you to receive much more than you give or transmit. This is the Law of Multiplication, which is one of the most important laws in life because it is a privileged path to know happiness.


Dreams + Desires = Goals

We all have dreams and desires in life. This is a good thing since they are the drive we need, our source of  motivation. They are the “mental fuel” that is often indispensable to help us continue our journey and not throw in the towel.

Be ambitious but do not overestimate yourself

We all harbor the desire and hope for a better life. When you go through depressing and discouraging times, you hold on to your main goal and/or varied objectives to get back on track.
Unfortunately, many people fail to materialize their desires because they set the bar too high and do not always have the inner abilities to live up to their ambitions.

Many people try to climb to the top of the Himalaya without even having trained enough to climb up the hill near their house. As a result, they wear themselves out and lack oxygen as soon as the foothills begin, which leads them to run short of oxygen quite quickly!

You would doubtlessly never think of taking on the highest mountain in the world without training. And if you did, you would follow an alpinist progressive training plan over the course of several months to achieve it.

And yet, many people behave this way where their desires are concerned. It is wiser to set realistic goals for yourself to have any chance of fulfilling them.

Knowing yourself well to better succeed

You must start in a humble manner by seeing yourself as you are and not as you imagine yourself to be. That means you must – first of all – know your real possibilities, your inner strengths but also your weaknesses. This way, you will have a better idea of the life that suits you and that corresponds to what you are capable of doing in life.

As Julius Caesar rightly said:

“You’d rather be the first man in a village than the second man in Rome.”

Every one of us has their own qualities and must adapt their projects to their personal abilities.

Once this principle of humility has been understood and put into practice, ask yourself what you love, what your abilities are and what skills others acknowledge you have. Asking for someone’s opinion may be a formidable means to show how humble you are and better understand who you are. Build your projects and goals on these foundations and you will make your dreams come true.