Know yourself

We often seek external solutions even though we possess them inside us because we do not know how to find them within ourselves. Our best advisor is often ourselves !

“Know yourself”

No one else but you knows what is good for you, whether consciously or unconsciously. No one knows you better than you do.

Even if you do not really know yourself yet, there are many techniques that could help you better know yourself. If you really want it, it won’t be difficult for you to find a method that suits you to reach that purpose.

Whatever the problem you are dealing with, whether it involves your finances, emotions, friendships, family or social life… always seek the solutions – first of all – within yourself.

The solution is first to be found in you

Some turn to advisor, external assistances, psychologists, spiritual guides…

Their help may be extremely valuable indeed. These people can help you shed light on some solutions. But it can only work if you have the will to get a grip on yourself and go ahead towards a different future, one that better suits you.

If you wish to take stock, carry out an examination of conscience and progressively use the formidable creative power of the mind. This way, it will free itself from its limits and unleash all its power and formidable creative possibilities for your greater good. Your imagination is limitless and can help you transform your life. Allow it to take over control, just like when you were a child.