Inner Treasures

Often, people’s misfortune does not stem from the fact that they do not have the qualities and abilities needed to succeed in life but from the fact that they do not know and/or exploit the assets that are real strengths.

Sometimes, people are going through a situation that is so difficult to deal with that they doubt themselves, become obsessed with their problems and think they are never lucky. They sometimes believe they are not capable of extricating themselves from their problems because they feel they are to blame for being bogged down in such a situation . They are convinced that either they are to blame or that it is due to their lacking the qualities needed to succeed in life.

And yet, even if we are going through a delicate phase, we have not lost our qualities for all that! When looking into the situation of those in trouble, it can often be noticed that they can’t extricate themselves from their situation because they focus on their weaknesses, not on their strengths. And, even when they know what their strengths are, they do not dare or know how to express and exploit them.

The first step to succeed is therefore not to feel guilty! Those who underestimate themselves just can’t act in the right way.

Let me repeat it: no matter how difficult someone’s life may be, they always possess inner aptitudes that could help them turn their lives into whatever they want it to be.

Everybody has their own assets, a level of intelligence, and expertise in some specific area. The best piece of advice I can provide you with is to discover your own inner treasures and to enhance them !