Fear is a very powerful emotion. It is usually considered as a negative emotion. In general, no one is ready to admit they are or were afraid. Yet, being  (or having known) fear is not negative because everybody has been afraid at some point and will once again be afraid in the future.

Don’t be afraid to be afraid!

It is even healthy to be afraid because it enables us to remain vigilant and avoid dangers. In some cases, it is even possible for us to foresee them but, what matters most, is that we learn lessons from them.

True courage is not not being afraid (anymore) but knowing how to overcome fear because it cannot completely be done away with, as if by magic. Fear enables us to respond to events.

What matters most is that fear does not overcome us. Fear must either be avoided or controlled. Or rather channeled to be transformed into positive energy.

So don’t be afraid to be afraid but avoid fear or learn to control it because no one can get rid of it by denying it. If you feel fear overcoming you, try to relax and breathe deeply as long as you can!

Try your best to take deep and long breaths when you can’t seem to get rid of fear, even in the midst of an emotional storm created by some fear you cannot control.

You may not succeed in chasing it away on the first attempt but you should not give up. Persist in trying to control your breath before, during and even after an anxiety attack or any negative emotion.


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