Positive mind

You may be familiar with the famous proverb: ‘‘If you want peace, prepare for war.’’ It means if a country doesn’t want to be attacked, it needs to show it has a strong well-equipped army. 

Let me propose a new version of this famous saying, so you can live your own life better. 
Wanting and having peace in one’s existence is a legitimate aspiration for all of us in life, in order to live more happily…

The best way to establish peace in your existence is to develop Love and positive thoughts. 

I know that’s easier said than done, especially if you have difficulties and problems at the moment you read these lines…

But it’s the absolute truth. To reach harmony, you first need to establish peace in your mind through positive thoughts and Love. You’ll see the difference!

When you have conflicts with other people, don’t add fuel to the flames, and always try to calm things down. 

Making concessions is not necessarily a sign of weakness, but rather of wisdom, because in so doing you rise above the fray. 

Do not lower yourself to the level of the people who have done you wrong, by using the same arguments or acting like them. 

Also, do not seek revenge. If you act with a positive state of mind, you’ll be able to defuse any conflicts or resolve any issues, no matter how strong or intelligent the person facing you is. 

Put Love in your thoughts, words and deeds, and you will establish peace in your existence, and in your human relations.