Win-Win = Life’s Tug of War

CompetitionWe often see logic and passion as being incompatible, two opposing forces that cannot be reconciled. But is that really true?

Should we place a higher priority on one or the other of these human characteristics? Should we try to eliminate one or the other? The answer lies in the practice of something called the ‘middle way.’

The middle way consists of expressing all characteristics of the human soul with the same enthusiasm, while at the same time being logical. You can learn to be thoughtful and logical, even when you let yourself get carried away by a tide of emotion or passion.

Those who see emotion and reason as incompatible usually sacrifice one or the other, depriving themselves of real opportunities for change, no matter which one they give up. Without passion there is no creativity, and without desire you cannot make your life a success.

We use our reason to analyze what we see around us, make decisions, exercise self-control, and modify whatever is wrong and needs changing.

Passion is much harder to master and to define. It can bring us moments of intense pleasure, and equally intense pain. At the same time, passion is what makes life interesting and worth living.

Can both be used to change your life for the better? Can they co-exist in the same person?

The answer is a resounding YES! You can use both to move forward in life.

Although we all need to learn how to control our emotions, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t express them. You just need to find a balance by learning to observe yourself objectively when you express your emotions, and then analyzing your behavior later on. Do that, and your passion and reason will no longer be incompatible.

Passion and reason co-exist in all human beings, which means there`s a reason we all have them, since nothing in nature happens by chance. You can practice using your reason by observing yourself objectively whenever you`re engaged in some activity, no matter what it is.

You just need to express your reason and your passion at the right times, one to heat yourself up and get you excited, the other to make sure you don’t get burned!