Risk the unknown

imagesFacing the unknown is part of life. None of us know what might happen tomorrow.

You need the courage to act, not give up on your dreams, and strive for the life you desire, without letting anything hold you back.

You have to welcome the unknown with open arms, and even seek it out, because it‘s what generates enthusiasm in life, and sparks your interest and passion.

Whenever you have an opportunity to try something new, or think in a different way, or do something out of the ordinary, you should take advantage of it, even if it scares you at first.

Fear makes a bad advisor, and prevents you from acting, while courage is constructive and helps you move forward.

Of course, the unknown does have its risks, because we can never be sure where our actions will take us.

But that‘s precisely what makes life so interesting. The unknown keeps us on our toes, and motivates us to make progress.

Facing the unknown forces you to think in different ways, look at life with your eyes wide open, test new solutions, and meet people you might otherwise not associate with.

You should always be enthusiastic about the unknown, and open yourself to it, without, of course, jumping head-first into something you know little or nothing about.

You need to be reasonable, and take time to think when something new comes up. Don‘t let yourself be guided only by passion or your emotions, since they could lead you down paths you would be better to avoid.

Great adventurers know how to calculate their risks, and weigh the odds in their favor. They never rush headlong into action, without thinking first.

Be like them. Welcome the unknown with open arms, but always think before you act, and calculate the risks you’ll need to take. Because there are always risks.

Risk is a constant that you need to integrate into the way you live, if you really want your life to change.


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