First Step

first stepPeople often don’t act because they convince themselves their dream-life is inaccessible. And it is true that day-to-day problems can occupy much of your time and energy.

But if you really want to change something about your life, if you’re sincere, willing and generous, and what you want to accomplish won’t harm anyone in thought, word or deed, then opportunities are sure to present themselves to you at some point.

You’ll need to be vigilant, and take full advantage of those opportunities as they arise. They’re sure to change things, shake-up your routine, and bring you the security, coupled with joy, that will light up your life from now on.

If you achieve security, but don’t get any pleasure from it, you need to change your life-plan, and embark on a new direction.

You´ll need to seize the opportunities that really impact you, deep down inside, and not let yourself be deterred by the fact that you don’t know where you might end-up.

That’s precisely what generates the excitement that accompanies all action, since you don’t know where it will bring you. Unfortunately, people often hesitate to take that crucial first step.

I know you must have missed amazing opportunities for change because of your fear of not knowing what might happen to you, where it all might lead.

The principle is simple: you need to act and take the first critical step, whether it’s to cross the road, or alter your entire existence. Having the courage to take the first step is a determining factor in accomplishing both the smallest and the greatest exploits.

Don’t hesitate to act, both to cross the road, and to transform your life.

Both require the same basic sense of courage. Things may sometimes be difficult, but your efforts are sure to bring you constructive rewards.

Taking the first step strengthens your willpower, and the more you advance and take the second, third, fourth (and so on) steps, the less you’ll feel like going back, because from the moment you take that first step, your life will no longer be the same, and you’ll want to continue improving it even more.


3 Responses to “First Step”

  1. Tina Del Buono, PMAC Says:

    Love this post…you are so correct that it is up to us to take the step to move forward. Have a great evening 🙂

    • Abhi.... Says:

      Exactly that’s the point. 80% of initiatives fail because they didn’t even start. Glad you liked the post Tina. Have a great day 🙂

  2. Risk the unknown | fuzzbytes Says:

    […] First Step ( […]

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