Humility, Cool-headedness and Patience

image By EssjayNZ

image By EssjayNZ


An old proverb says ‘‘They are free of fruit that want an orchard.’’ But I say: ‘‘Everyone can have their own orchard!’’

If you place limits on your plans, desires and dreams… you’ll sidestep your own existence.

It’s important to have plans, desires and dreams that have no limits in time or space. The fact is, we never know what our limits really are.

The only way you can define them is by always trying to surpass them. That way your life won’t fall into a routine, which leads nowhere.

Routine creates a false sense of security, by dampening your desire to take risks. I recommend taking risks every day, even if it’s only one, and even if it’s insignificant. Small victories gradually accumulate, and strengthen your willpower to achieve great things.

A victory, even a minor one, is always positive, and enables you to test and surpass your own limits.

You may have lofty ambitions, but you should only take measured risks, and keep them within range of your abilities.

You need to act with humility, cool-headedness and patience.

Humility makes you aware of your possibilities at any given moment. Although your goals may be lofty, humility keeps you focused on the steps you need to take to reach your final objective, which could be life-changing for you, or have a more modest impact.

Being cool-headed means you’re able to control your feelings, and the negative emotions that could make you lose sight of your true path in life. If you can keep a cool head on your shoulders under any circumstances, it will always pay-off in the end, and be a constructive force in your life.

You’ll also need to be patient, and methodically stick to the plans you develope for yourself beforehand, and not deviate from them. Which brings us to our final virtue:

Patience, which is indispensable in any process of transformation, because it’s easy to start something, but much harder to bring it to completion. Being Patient is critical for achieving success.


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