Being a Path-Finder!

To find your own path, you need to keep moving forward.

Nothing is predetermined in life. It’s futile to try and conform to a model of behavior, to be like someone you know and admire. Because when it comes down to it, what do you really know about them?

The image you have of someone rarely corresponds to their reality.

It’s good to listen to the advice people give you, but always remember to apply it in your own way, leaving your own mark.

A choice is offered to you at each crossroads you come to. You must make a decision, even if it’s only to hesitate.

Above all, you need to be self-confident, move forward, and find or create your own path in life.

Create your own road


3 Responses to “Being a Path-Finder!”

  1. Tina Del Buono, PMAC Says:

    Hello, thank you for stopping by my blog. I have to tell you that this is a great picture. I speaks volumes!

    • Abhi.... Says:

      Thank you Tina 🙂

  2. Are You Crazy? | fuzzbytes Says:

    […] Fuzzbytes : Being a Path Finder ( […]

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