Nothing-is-IMPOSSIBLEReally wanting something, and being convinced it’s a good thing for you, will always lead to it’s being realized.

Never say something is impossible, or that you can’t do it. Always have hope your dreams can become reality, and never lose that vision.

All great discoveries were made by people who believed in them, and never doubted they’d achieve their goals.

Keep moving forward until your dreams come true. Of course, you’ll encounter obstacles along the way, but you should try to see them as tests of your will and motivation, rather than as setbacks. Do that, and your life will be much more interesting.

Seeing obstacles as stepping-stones to success, rather than as barriers, will help you evolve to ever-higher states of awareness.

We should all be patient, and move forward at our own speed. Just remember that life isn’t a sprint, but a long, complex course. Pace yourself.


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