Preserving Inocence

innocentThe key is in continually finding wonder in life’s daily miracles, the first of which is that you’re alive at all, given everything that could happen to you. Your life is your most precious gift.

Every breath you take is a miracle! So it shouldn’t be too difficult to reawaken the innocence of your youth, when you marveled at everything around you. If you can preserve at least some of your innocence, you keep the flame of hope burning inside you, encouraging you to attain your goals.

See wonder in all the manifestations of life on Earth, human, animal, plants, and even minerals, all of which make up the complex fabric of existence. Of course, you can also wonder at the vastness of the Universe, and its distant, but visible, galaxies and constellations.

You’ll always find something to marvel at in a sunrise or sunset, in a delicate flower, a beautiful landscape, a running stream. Almost anything can be a pretext for wonder.

And as a bonus, preserving your innocence generates positive energy in, and around you.


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