Thoughts with deepest desire

wings of desire

Just like your body needs nourishment to function, your mind needs to receive energy that enables it to find fulfillment, and continue working for your success and happiness. If you nourish your mind, you’re sure to succeed.

To nourish your mind properly, you need to form thoughts that express your deepest desires every day.

Do that, and those desires will, in turn, generate positive energy that is transmitted to the supreme vibration, creator of the universe.

Regularly emitting positive thoughts will gradually change your state-of-mind, and make you much more likely to accomplish your heartfelt desires.

Thoughts transmitted to the supreme vibration inevitably end up materializing in your life.

During the process be patient, and never get upset with the supreme vibration when things don’t happen as quickly as you hope.

Your deepest desires will always materialize if you act appropriately. It’s just a question of time. The supreme vibration adheres to cosmic laws that know exactly what you need, and when.

Nourish your thoughts every day with your most heartfelt and sincere desires, and what you want will surely come to pass, probably at the moment you’re least expecting it!


Being unconditionally in love


Love is the greatest force that exists in the world. I’m talking about unconditional love, not the kind that exists between two people. Total love is powerful energy few of us make enough use of.

If you impregnate everything you do with love, your life will be a success. Love has been the basis of all great discoveries and inventions in human history, and will continue to be so in future. Without love you can’t do much.

People have constructed immense temples, churches, mosques and monasteries, simply out of love for the supreme vibration, or the Being they venerate.

Others made all kinds of discoveries to improve the lives of their fellow men.

No matter what field we’re talking about – medicine, technology, transportation, communication, space travel, etc. – researchers, scientists, doctors and explorers ultimately achieve what they do for the benefit of humanity. Those who try to spread evil will always be defeated by the force of love, which is stronger than the force of hate. Hate can cause a lot of damage, but it always loses in the end.

Put some love into everything you do, each and every day. Not only will you attain your goals faster, you’ll spread the energy of good around you, and eventually be rewarded, either materially or spiritually.

At the same time, you should practice unconditional love without hoping for any rewards in return. Just be loving in your thoughts, words and deeds, and your life will soon be a success.

Be Master of your Time

Time is an important factor that has to be managed properly to make progress. Good time-management is an essential element for attaining your goals and being successful.

As the saying goes, time wasted is time lost.

Controlling Time

Try to be conscious of the fact that each minute that passes only occurs once. When it’s over, you lose one more opportunity to achieve your objectives.

After setting clear goals for yourself, the second thing to do is set up a system for managing your time, according to what you want to achieve.

Every minute of your life should be devoted to some useful occupation. That doesn’t mean your schedule has to be constraining, or overburden you with too many things to do. When that happens you get discouraged, and you could give-up too soon.

Creative time-management is something all successful people know how to do.

Divide your time between work – occupations designed to help you make progress in getting what you want in your professional life – and leisure activities that help you relax, and get rid of some of the stress you accumulate on your quest for success.

Devote two thirds of your time to your projects, and one third to leisure. That will balance your use of time perfectly, and enable you to move forward more quickly towards attaining the life of your dreams.

You can’t do anything about the way time passes, but you can organize it so it suits your purposes. That’s how you can become the master of your own time.

Changing The World


Every great man was thought to be insane before he changed the world.

Some never changed the world. They were just insane.

Being Normal

Be normal, and the crowd will accept you.

Be deranged, and they will make you their leader.