When You Are Not The Leader

Some events have transpired recently that made me stop and ponder this topic of leading when one is not a leader.  I am not referring to the process of becoming a leader or learning the skills to become a leader, although following these precepts will certainly help one to become a better leader.  I am referring to the scenario of being a part of a team, group, or unit and not actually being the designated leader of that entity. I have come across this in the accountability groups I have run and have put a lot of thought into the successful groups and projects I have been a part of.  You could also call this teamwork, but I think that if everyone has leadership in mind, then they will be thinking of how best they can serve their fellow members in the group and the group as a wholeThis topic gets especially sticky when the individual leading the group might not be as skilled or seasoned as some of those whom he/she is leading.   Following are 5 principles that I have found to be critical to the success of a well-run and execution oriented team.

via Leading, When You Are Not The Leader | A Slice of Leadership.


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