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As a leader, your attitude speaks volumes before a word is uttered.

And like your shadow, it follows you every where you go and you often are unaware of it.

Speaking Your Mind… Out Loud

Your attitude permeates everything about you:

  • The way you think
  • The tone of your voice
  • What words you choose
  • How you move your body
  • And all of your body language

While you may think that your thoughts and feelings are purely private, your body is mirroring and in fact is speaking your mind.

What you are thinking and feeling gets translated into your body language, and is very much like those electronic signs with a message that flashes, this time across your forehead.

Your body language actually has a larger impact on others than the words you speak.

Put it all together and you’ll find your attitude sets the tone for how people respond to you…

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When You Are Not The Leader

Some events have transpired recently that made me stop and ponder this topic of leading when one is not a leader.  I am not referring to the process of becoming a leader or learning the skills to become a leader, although following these precepts will certainly help one to become a better leader.  I am referring to the scenario of being a part of a team, group, or unit and not actually being the designated leader of that entity. I have come across this in the accountability groups I have run and have put a lot of thought into the successful groups and projects I have been a part of.  You could also call this teamwork, but I think that if everyone has leadership in mind, then they will be thinking of how best they can serve their fellow members in the group and the group as a wholeThis topic gets especially sticky when the individual leading the group might not be as skilled or seasoned as some of those whom he/she is leading.   Following are 5 principles that I have found to be critical to the success of a well-run and execution oriented team.

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Stack Ranking – The Management Approach

Imagine you are on the fantastic team. What impact would it have on you to know that, no matter how amazingly well your whole team did – only 1 of you would get a performance review that reflects that?  Unless you are a very unusual person, it would be deeply demotivating, and it would almost certainly force your attention toward how to show that you’re better than your colleagues, and away from how you can support your colleagues and the team to succeed.

Human beings, like most everything other living thing on the planet, thrive in response to consistent support and the removal of obstacles.  Forcing them into artificial and arbitrary constraints is generally doomed to fail.

via The Management Approach Guaranteed To Wreck Your Best People – Forbes.

As Above, So Below

Every human feeling and emotion has an expression in nature. Like the world outside us, each of us has our own internal landscape: our own particular geology, flora and fauna, weather and seasons. At the same time, the world inside us looks outwards to nature, expecting to see our feelings reflected there..

When the Magician said, “As above, so below,” that’s what he meant.


“Those that Walk, Live the Life.”

It’s meaning is simple, you can not judge the value, validity or choices of someone else’s life, for you are not living it.