Warfare Artifacts

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It is his character that he knows no fear

Statue of Rana Pratap Sing on Chetak attacking Man Sing on elephant

Haldighati Maharana Pratap Museum

Beyond Haldighati village is Haldighati Pass, a narrow defile almost a kilometre in length, running south to northeast and finally ending in a broad plain. An interesting geographical feature of the Haldighati pass is its soft yellow soil, which when crumbled resembles the turmeric (haldi), which gives the place its name. 

It was here at Haldighati the great legendry battle fought between Maharana Pratap and the Mughal Emperor -Akbar on June 18 ,1576. The vast terrain that was supposedly covered with blood (the sand turned Red in colour) evokes a chill in the spine till date and envelopes a feel of nostalgia, this was the place where the heroic Chetak the gallant charger with his dedicated loyalty towards his chivalrous master (the Maharana Pratap) proved his worth by co-operating till his last breath.

Udaipur City Palace Museum 

The main part of the palace is now preserved as a museum displaying a large and diverse array of artefacts. Down steps from the entrance is the armoury museum exhibiting a huge collection of protective gear, weapons including the lethal two-pronged sword.



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