Freezing & Forgetting Memories

Every-time I still sometimes get caught up in the memories I can’t say why, and everything becomes a smudge of smoke or just a breath of wind against the sky …

Freezing the memories of my life in the moments, and then forgetting them because they hurt. It’s not that I forget things, I have a sharp memory. I can still remember every moment of my childhood. I remember what I read at first glance of the page. I remember each and every thing. One can say I have elephant’s memory. Still I choose to forget, because I cannot cling to each and every frozen moment of my life. I recall it when I want to or when the element associated with that frozen moment appears before me. It works good & balances off past with present. After all its a great burden to carry all the memories on the travel of life. A travel must be accompanied with lesser baggage.

I always wonder if Forgetting is a boon or curse?


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