I can’t think of any word that fits in …….


They can sever relationships. Break hearts. Initiate war. Conceive hate. They can kill. They’re probably the deadliest of weapons; because they’re unseen. And they don’t go away; they lodge themselves in the very back of the mind, repeating over and over again. The scars they leave are permanent, invisible and incurable. Words are poison – it’s true.

But, when used in different ways; words can do miraculous things. They can create love. Make peace. Form lifelong bonds. Give rise to things found only in the mind.

Words are powerful, But then again, words are only words – a bunch of letters shuffled around in different orders. It is their meaning that counts. You can use a million words to say one thing; and not mean anything at all. Or you utter one word, get your entire point across, and mean everything. One word can be used for a million things, and yet, a million things may not be adequate to express the value of that one word.

A story is just a lot of letters and words. Anyone can string together a combination of words, and call it a story. But when beautifully arranged, it will captivate minds. It will have the ability to take you into another world.


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