Waiting for YOU

I don’t remember exactly where I read it, it was an interesting story. I don’t know if its a true incident.
I can still remember it. The most interesting about it is that it shows us that one should never lose politeness & humble nature with achieved success.


A lady who visited a temple regularly, one day saw a man siting on the floor with his closed eyes. She was seeing this man for the first time. Something was there about him that was attracting her. He looked very strange with a turban & long beard. However, ignoring him she finished up her worship & came out of temple. She saw the same man again standing there. She thought, “What a poor old man he is. I must help him”. She went to him and gave him 10 rupee. He just smiled and accepted her donation with grace and turned to leave. The lady was still looking at him as he started to get into his Mercedes-Benz. She was a bit shocked and perplexed. She ran to him & apologized asking forgiveness saying it was just a blunder and nothing intentional. His dress & appearance made him to think he is a poor old guy.

The man started laughing and replied her politely that, “It’s not your mistake. The creator is again and again reminding me through somebody that you are nothing, you are not special.” The guy was quoted to be Rajnikanth – Highest paid Actor of Asia.

Always believe, there’s someone better than u and waiting for u to say that u r nothing when u think “I am the Best”

I feel there is much more interesting fact when said, “There is someone better than you & waiting for you to say you are nothing.” A very motivational statement that tell us that when you face someone who is better than you never feel inferior, instead wait, learn and make yourself the best & when you are confident enough face that someone again and say to that someone with a roar…



2 Responses to “Waiting for YOU”

  1. Sandeepandeep Says:

    Good One!

    • Abhi.... Says:

      thnx 🙂

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