Words on Mind

If you see a Lion running with Rats, it doesn’t mean Lion is running in a Rat Race.


2 Responses to “Words on Mind”

  1. itsme Says:

    From this quote, something unrelated came to my mind. Edward de Bono in his classic book title Lateral Thinking says this to illustrate the sequence of events is important rather than a grouping of them:

    A man wielding a stick running after a dog is different from a dog getting ahead of a man with a stick. In the former the man is chasing the dog away but in the latter he is asking the dog to fetch.

    • Abhi.... Says:

      Thanks for putting up you thoughts.

      This is one of my Favorite Quote. It’s actually a pun on the RAT Race that has engulfed every mind & every thought. Lion here symbolizes the one who is running for a totally different objective, however Rats feel like he is running to win the Race. Reading this a very optimistic friend of mine told me, “It means that rats are competing in a Lion race”. – Lateral Thinking as you said 😉

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